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Does Purplebricks cooperate with other REALTORS®?

Purplebricks is proud to cooperate with REALTORS® from other brokerages. Just because we charge a fixed fee for our services, instead of a percentage based on the value of the home, doesn’t mean we think buyers’ agents shouldn’t be paid. This is a big misconception about Purplebricks.

Many of our REALTORS® worked at other brokerages prior to joining the Purplebricks team, so they know the importance of cooperating commission in relation to an agent’s livelihood. Plus, we know that offering a cooperating commission helps get buyers through the door, so we encourage our sellers to offer a competitive commission for their area. Your Purplebricks REALTOR® will review what other sellers in the neighbourhood are offering and help build a winning strategy for the sale of your home.

Now that being said, we allow our home sellers to decide if they want to offer cooperating commission or not. Just like in any seller-agent relationship, whether it is with Purplebricks or not, the seller can make the final decision about the commission they will offer. Some of our sellers are also successful in selling their home to a private buyer and saving 100% of the commission.

And, when we advertise commission savings in our marketing, all savings are calculated to include paying a cooperating commission, if the seller chose to. Therefore, all the savings figures you see on our Testimonials page, featuring over 9,600 testimonials, takes into account if a buyer’s agent commission was paid. We are up front with the savings we provide home sellers – no “smoke and mirrors” here.