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Is Purplebricks a DIY real estate company?

A misconception about Purplebricks is that we are a DIY real estate brokerage, or that we are FSBO (For Sale By Owner) to use real estate industry jargon. Purplebricks is a full-service real estate brokerage, much like other real estate brokerages. What sets us apart is our business model that allows us to charge a low, fixed fee for selling your home, rather than a percentage of your home’s value. Whether your home is $400,000 or $4 million, our fees never change. 

But how do Purplebricks real estate agents compare to agents from other brokerages?

Our agents are members of the Canadian Real Estate Association (meaning they are accredited REALTORS®) and belong to many of the same real estate boards as other agents, giving them access to all the same information about your market. In fact, many of our agents used to work for different brokerages but wanted to spend less time in the office and more time working with clients. And because each of our agents is dedicated to one area of either the selling or buying process, they have lots of experience and are exceptional at what they do!

And will I get the same visibility with Purplebricks that I get with another brokerage?

With technology today, most homebuyers are starting their own home searches online. Almost all buyers are searching on REALTOR.ca, Canada’s most popular real estate platform, and sending a list of homes they want to see to their agent. Unlike the past when listings were only visible to REALTORS®, the public has access to view any listing on Realtor.ca. All of Purplebricks’ listings are on Realtor.ca, and are also posted on Purplebricks.ca, which gets an average of 1.6 million visits per month!

There is nothing DIY about using Purplebricks to sell your home.

We expertly set the right price for your home, post your listing online, provide signage, manage your showings, and handle all offers and negotiations. We know life’s busy – we take care of everything for you. And want proof it works? Read some of our 9,000+ testimonials from happy home sellers who used Purplebricks and saved thousands in commission!