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5 Tips to Keep Your Home “Show Ready” Without Breaking a Sweat

Whether you are selling your home, or you have in-laws who like to show up at your door because they were “in the neighbourhood”, having your home in “show ready” condition doesn’t have to be a cumbersome task. Follow these 5 tips for success!

1. Tidy as You Go

It is easy to leave items as we move from room to room. A sweater gets put on in the bedroom but taken off in the living room. A bowl of food is made in the kitchen but is used and left in front of the TV. It is normal for items to travel through the home, but it is important they return to their designated place each day. Tidying up will feel like less of a chore while keeping your home looking great if you make tidying as you go part of your daily routine.

2. Utilize Storage

Lack of clutter is the key to making your home look clean and spacious. Utilizing storage whether it be tote bins, multi-functional furniture, or closets, is a great way to attractively hide away clutter. If you find you aren’t using a lot of the items you own, consider donating unused items to free up space. 

Garage storage

3. Keep the Floors Clean

A dirty floor is one of the first things to be noticed by guests. By either sweeping daily or enlisting an electronic floor cleaner (like a Roomba), you can rest assured your floors are surface clean each day. For good measure, mop and vacuum at least once a week, and more if you have pets or messy children. Spending 10-15 minutes daily on cleaning your floors will make a big difference in your home’s appearance.

4. Deal with Paperwork as it Comes In

Whether it is junk mail, bills, or school forms, paperwork seems to pile up. Make it a habit to deal with paperwork daily. File the important items and recycle the rest. Plus, it is much easier to deal with it the first time you read it, rather than rereading it every time you see it. Clear up your mental clutter while cleaning up your counters – that’s a win-win!

5. Get Everyone on Board

Keeping your home tidy should be a household concern, not just for mom or dad. By encouraging everyone to tidy up after themselves, it will help keep clutter down and make everyone accountable for their space. Depending on your child’s age, they may need some help from you or some guidance on best practices.

Young girl cleaning the counter with mom

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