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5 Tips to Set Yourself Up for Winter Selling Success

When people envision selling their home, most envision it in nice weather. Green grass, a garden out front, sun shining in – you get the picture. But the reality is, many homes are successfully sold in the winter, and there are many reasons why winter is actually a good time to sell your home.

Like in any season, you need to adapt to your environment to set your home up for success. Here are our tips for selling your home in the Canadian winter:

Let There Be Light

With the sun setting early and many days calling for snow or overcast, you need to make your home appear bright. How do you do this? Make use of natural and artificial light. Although natural light isn’t abundant in the winter, we are still occasionally blessed with bright days. Open your curtains and blinds to let as much natural light in as possible. As for artificial light, utilize your ceiling lights and lamps to create a cozy ambiance on darker days. No one wants to be greeted by a dark home.

Add Some Plants

It’s a dreary time of year where frankly, everything seems a little dead. Breathe new life into your home by adding some plants and flowers in the key rooms, like the kitchen, dining room and master bedroom. The hope is when people tour your home, they will get a sense of freshness from the greenery. Plus, why not treat yourself to some flowers? You deserve it.

Modern living room with potted plant

Don’t Forget About Outside

It may seem that you can leave your outdoor space as is when selling in the winter, but that isn’t the case. Potential purchasers still want to see something eye-catching. At the bare minimum, your driveway and stairs need to be shovelled and salted, and the backyard should be tidy. In other words, those summer toys that didn’t quite make it into the shed in time need to be picked up and stored. To provide a warm welcome, keep the porch light on and add a cold-weather friendly plantar at your front door. 

Victorian house during snowfall

Work Smarter

One word to describe winter is wet. And one word to describe keeping a home in show-ready condition is clean. So, minimize the amount of cleaning you need to do while keeping your home show-ready by ensuring the winter wetness is not being tracked into your home. There are a few strategies to employ here, including putting out a sign that says, “Please remove your shoes”, providing a boot tray to keep your floors clean, and even offering cheap slippers for people to wear while they tour your home. Offering slippers is a great strategy especially if you have carpet; this will help avoid dirty socks making a mess. 

Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Ensure your home oozes warmth and comfort inside to counteract the cold weather outside. It doesn’t need to be elaborate. For décor, think thoughtfully placed throw blankets, faux fur pillows, and candles (unlit, of course). Be sure to keep the heat on even while you’re not home so any potential buyer is greeted to a warm home, rather than one they need to keep their coat on in. For bonus points, set up a coffee and hot chocolate bar with disposable cups for people to warm up with after being outside. 

Cozy living room with fireplace

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