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Selling Your Home This Halloween? Here’s How to be Festive Without Scaring Buyers Away

Autumn is a beautiful time to sell a home. The leaves are vibrant, and the air has the perfect amount of chill, ideal for potential buyers to spend a Saturday home shopping. However, if you’re selling your home over Halloween, it is important to keep all décor tasteful, and avoid tacky decorations (you know the ones).

If you cannot resist decorating your home for this festive holiday, choose these options over their less-desirable counterparts.

Your Front Door

Think “fall chic” not “happy Halloween” when selecting décor for your front door. Stick to natural colours, foliage, and rustic details. Your front entrance way should offer a warm welcome to your home, not scare them away.

Fall halloween front door

Pumpkins as Interior Décor

The colour orange does not go with most home décor. If you are the type who normally has pumpkins outside and inside the home, opt for white pumpkins for your interior. This can look chic and clean, while still being festive.

Fall tabletop place setting in neutral colours

Displaying Candy

Tasty treats are synonymous with Halloween, but it doesn’t mean displaying candy in a plastic bowl is the way to go. Put treats in a glass container for easy décor, plus this can double as a snack for your potential buyers.

Fall candy display

Keep these decorating rules in mind when selling your home over Halloween:

  • Stick with fall colours rather than Halloween colours.
  • Never scare your potential buyers, like with a scary sounds doormat.
  • Keep your front lawn clear of gravestones, inflatable characters, or anything that conveys “haunted house”.
  • Less is always more. Keep it simple and chic.

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